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About Us

We are the leading custom home and outdoor living remodeler in North Texas. We specialize in outdoor living spaces and interior renovations.

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Concrete, Flagstone, Stamped Concrete, and Stained Concrete

Concrete undergirds to much of what we do. Whether you need a new driveway or a touch of the dramatic to your new patio, Bobcat Custom Construction has years of experience creating masterpieces. Contact us for a free estimate.


Is your current patio smaller than you would like it to be?  Maybe you have a new home and the builder did not pour you a full size patio? Whether you need to extend your patio or need a driveway, we are experts at concrete, getting you the best pricing and extending whatever platform you need.


Concrete can be stained to transform its look.  Stained concrete can add additional color and a more high-end look to your patio. We have more color options than any other contractor in the area.


Bobcat Custom Construction can make your concrete patio, driveway, or walkway look like bricks, flagstone, slate, stone, or even tile.


A flagstone overlay on your driveway, walkway, or patio gives a classic and traditional look. We combine stone cutting, staining, and stamping to create a natural look that takes your home to the next level.